How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

While talking about Facebook advertising, we must go beyond the copy and the visual, which comprises the advertising creative, and consider these aspects: Targeting– who do you wish to show the advertisements to? Who’s the target audience? Placement– what place on Facebook do you wish the advertisements to appear? There are many options besides Facebook’s [...]

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Understanding Paid Search Advertising

Nowadays, the power of pay-per-click (paid search advertising) isn’t any secret. According to research, 81 percent of people discover their desired location via a search engine. Therefore, there isn’t any doubt about the broad use of search engines. What might not be obvious is the degree of complexity that goes into managing, building, and pulling [...]

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Choosing an Ad Agency 101

Several businesses rely upon in-house capabilities for advertising and marketing. However, as they expand, partnering with an ad agency frequently becomes a required move in the process. Outsourced marketing does have its advantages. Agency pros have a passion for advertising, and applying their experience to marketing initiatives may bolster a brand’s authority. Also, agency partners [...]

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