While talking about Facebook advertising, we must go beyond the copy and the visual, which comprises the advertising creative, and consider these aspects:

  • Targeting– who do you wish to show the advertisements to? Who’s the target audience?
  • Placement– what place on Facebook do you wish the advertisements to appear? There are many options besides Facebook’s newsfeed
  • Bidding– how large is the budget to pay for the target audience to see the advertisements and take action?
  • Budget– the amount you want to spend on the campaign
  • Advertisement schedule– do you want the advertisements to run within a certain schedule, or do you want them to be ongoing?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty and establish the campaigns on Ads Manager, you must recognize your Facebook marketing goals. Once you’ve defined those for yourself, it’s much easier to decide what messages to display, to whom, and during what time.

Let us assess the key features of this powerful ad tool.


Many experts say that Facebook Ads act mainly as a tool to spark interest and produce demand. Usually, we do not check Facebook with the exact same intention as searching on eBay, Amazon, or other likewise websites. We likely go to Amazon with the intention of buying or at least finding out more details about a certain product we already have in mind.

We’ll scroll through the Facebook feed to keep up with what is being shared by our groups, acquaintances, friends, etc.

Makes sense, right?

Therefore, making the proper targeting strategy on this platform is important, as you don’t want to waste your ad budget on displaying your carefully created advertisements to the incorrect target groups. Here’s where several marketers make mistakes of optimizing for brand awareness; however, we’ll return to this topic later when we review more closely on bidding strategies.

When it concerns targeting, Facebook possibilities are fairly unrivaled You’ll have the choice to narrow down your target audience based upon demographics, which includes:

  • relationship status
  • spoken languages
  • gender
  • location
  • age

It’s possible to even select your ad audiences based upon their field of profession, level of education, and occasion-based details such as:

  • expecting parents
  • engaged for 1 year
  • birthday month
  • ex-pats, and more

If such metrics are relevant to you, drill down into the available choices, and use them.

It’s also possible to target individuals based on their behaviors and interests.

For that, maybe it’d be helpful to imagine Facebook as a big global shopping center that contains thousands of restaurants, shops, art galleries, cafes, beauty salons, cinemas, and music venues – as a matter of fact, the shopping center has virtually every facility you can possibly imagine.

Now think about individuals spending time in the shopping center, leaving a path of crumbs in each facility they spend their time in. After a period of time, those trails will give us a solid idea about their preferences, habits, and interests. Those insights are comparable to the behavior and interest-based targeting options upon Facebook Ads which are available to assist advertisers in targeting relevant groups of individuals.

You work hard for your money, so don’t waste it building a campaign that may not be effective. In most cases, Facebook advertising should be left to professionals. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced marketing/advertising professionals to get the most out of it.