Rick Rinker

Rick RinkerRick Rinker is a Digital Marketing expert and Media Strategist with over 20 years of extensive experience working with advertising agencies and marketing firms. As a data-driven veteran of Digital Investment and Media Strategy, Rinker has served as a top consultant for Fortune 500 brands including AT&T, Nike, Ford, and Sony Pictures. Rinker boasts a proven track record of providing expert guidance and managing successful digital marketing campaigns in a wide range of industries.

Armed with a speciality in brand awareness, campaign executions, media investment, and advertising in the social and traditional media space, Rinker’s decades-long career has established him as a talented, innovative, and friendly professional who loves to tackle new challenges.

He currently serves as the CSO of Konsume Media, a cutting-edge media measurement and analytics company that provide marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media publishers and advertising agencies.

Prior to establishing Konsume Media, Rinker managed projects as a Media and Communications Director for influential companies, organizations, and government agencies including the U.S Army, State of California and the Department of Homeland Security.  In the private sector, he boasts recruitment success with the Boston College, UCLA, Nestle and Thermo Fisher.

A passionate data analyst, Rinker began his career as a Digital Consultant and Web Developer in the late 1990’s, designing and coding some of the world’s first major brand & e-commerce websites for clients including General Motors, MGM Studios, Reebok, and the U.S. Navy.

Today, Rinker consults with e-commerce and branding clients to establish goals, develop marketing strategies, and refine business plans to bring quantifiable change to his clients, and their bottom line.

Rinker studied Digital Advertising, Communication and Media Studies at UCLA and served as an instructor at Tribeca Flashpoint College, lecturing on Communications and Media Studies. He currently resides in the Los Angeles, California.