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We act like partners. We think like entrepreneurs. At Makers Media, we have the best interests of your company and brand in mind. We focus on building a collaborative relationship with clients to strategize and execute digital marketing and advertising campaigns that drive real business growth by putting brands on top of minds — and websites on top of search results.


Curiosity makes it possible

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In our experience, we believe marketing goals rarely change from client to client — but the creative direction and strategic recommendations always do.

As trusted marketing consultants and strategists, we’re problem solvers by trade and curiosity is in our nature. We take the time to know our clients and understand their business — and customers — to effectively assess their marketing needs and deliver recommendations that will build up a larger, more fanatical customer base.

Think up a plan. Stay on target.

At Makers Media, our approach to marketing and advertising involves a kind of perpetual think-tank that explores all the angles. We brainstorm a wide variety of strategies we can employ to maximize your digital reach and connect with your target audience, then piece together the best ideas for a smart and comprehensive campaign.

We also specialize in following up our marketing strategies with campaign monitoring support to always stay on top of the plan. We are vested in your company’s success, and it’s our job to make sure our marketing recommendations keep delivering results.

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Rick Rinker Rick Rinker is a Digital Marketing expert and
Media Strategist with over 20 years of extensive experience working with
advertising agencies and marketing firms. As a data-driven veteran of Digital
Investment and Media Strategy, Rinker has served as a top consultant for
Fortune 500 brands including AT&T, Nike, Ford, and Sony Pictures. Rinker boasts
a proven track record of providing expert guidance and managing successful
digital marketing campaigns in a wide range of industries.

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